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Privacy Policy

We are proud of us that we are on our words to protect your privacy. Our company’s value is known to all and our endeavour to maintain your privacy. Our privacy statement is the best way to get into our detailed privacy practices. We will be the one who will be responsible for accumulating and maintaining the information securely which have been collected about you. We use the information to convey the service to you for the betterment of your financial life. We comply with the Privacy Shield Principles. We do promise not to share or sell any of your confidential with any third parties for their use or advantage without your consent.

At QuickBooks, we respect the trust you have in us, and so it is our responsibility to protect your privacy. We will record your Phone number, Email ID & Name in our Database for the future reference perspective and support purpose only.Your confidential is always safe with us and will not ever be used for any marketing purpose neither informed to any third party.You can always request your information removal or update request on QuickBooks Support number.

What All Information We Collect?

Regarding getting to our Services, we may gather data from you which can be utilised to recognise you "Personal Information, for example, your name, shipping/charging address, email address, telephone, username and secret phrase.

We gather data when you register or open an account, sign in, pay a bill, buy a Service, utilise a Service, call us for support or for. Even we may also get data from different organizations or third parties, such as, when you synchronize a third-party account or service with our service, or when we may utilize specialist of the organizations to enhance the Personal Information you provide us (e.g., validation of your mailing address) to enable us to keep up the precision of your information and give you better services. At last, we also gather content or other data that you may provide or create when you associate with our services.

Likewise, we may consequently gather specific usage data when you will access our services (“Usage Data, for example, Internet Protocol”) addresses, log records, Unique device identifiers, viewed pages, program type, any links you click on to leave or interrelate with our Services, and other usage data gathered from cookies and other technologies used for tracking. For instance, we collect IP addresses to track and cumulate non-personal data as such utilizing IP addresses for the purpose of monitoring the areas from where the clients navigate to our services. We will also gather IP addresses from clients when they sign in into the services as a part of our logging in and security highlights. We may also do it, when you permit area-based Services, gather Global Positioning System (GPS) area information as well as motion information.

Our Services may change after some time, and we may present new add on features that may gather new or various sorts of data.

How Do We Use Your Confidential?

• We may use your personal information like name, address phone number, mail address for the registration purpose of your account. In case if you will set up an administrator account, then please note that your report will be visible to them and they will be able to change or delete your information.
• We may use your information for fulfilment of your request for facilitating our service and also for operating our business.
• We may use your name, phone number, address, email address and the information related to your system configuration for providing you with our tech support service for fixing your issue.
• We may use your information for conveying you the message about our services via communication or by chat process.
• We will use your information for customising or personalising your experience or can say that for the betterment of the new development of the services.
• We will be using it for getting the feedback.


We have been aiding our customers with a more noteworthy exertion and bestowed entire support to their issues. We are entirely different and not at all associated with any means of QuickBooks. We work as the third party and do not utilise any assets or learning of the QuickBooks or related software.

What Can You Do For Managing Your Privacy?

You can view and edit the data which recognises you online through our service. How you can access and control data that identifies you will rely upon which Services you use. You will have your own decision about the utilisation of data that defines you, advertising messages you get from us, and our usage of cookies and other tracking innovations. You can update your personal information and can manage marketing communication from us.

Data Retention

Except if you explicitly request that we erase your own data as clarified in Section 7 "Your Rights", we hold your data insofar as it is vital for the maintenance of your Quickbooks account or for facilitating you with our best services. When you will remove your account or will stop using our services, in this case we will not hold your any personal information or data with us but if exceptional to the extent necessity:

• To convey you the message related to marketing in inclination with the marketing preferences.
• For our legal or administrative compliance, to exercise, establish or defend legal claims and to provide protection against fraud or any of the illegal activities on our service.
• For our legal or administrative compliance, to work out, set up or shield adjudged cases, and to ensure against deceitful or damaging movement on our Service.
• Or if there is any add on service is there such as product improvement purposes uniting with this privacy statement, provided that any information held for this reason will be utilised uniquely for a limited period and will be handled carefully, securely and with confidence.
• In case if we do not want any of your information again for the purposes as mentioned earlier, then usually we use to remove or de-identify it as per to our standard data retention practices.
• It could happen that we will not be able to delete your data entirely or de-identify your information because of some technical or any other operational issues as sometimes it happens.

Your Rights

You have certain rights as for your own confidential that we gather and procedure. We respond to all solicitations we get from people in the EEA who all are utilising a Service coordinated to the EEA wishing to practice their information security rights as per relevant to data protection law. To file a solicitation or make an action on one of your privileges, if it's not too much trouble then visit our GDPR Center or get in touch with us at the contact details which is our QuickBooks Support Number.

Access, Correction or Deletion: You may request access to make correction or removal of your data. You can even move directly into the option ‘Service’ which is mentioned under Account Settings to take these activities. Please keep this in mind also that if you request for the changes like removal of your personal information, in this case, some of the aspects may be retained for us to: meet our legal or administrative consistence; exercise, establish or defend legal claims; and to protect against fake or injurious action on our Service. Information held for these reasons will be taken care of as portrayed above.

Objection and Restriction: You may arise objection to processing by us for your own data or solicit us to limit the processing of your private confidential.

Portability: You may request for the portability of your data.

Withdraw Consent: If we have gathered and handled your personal information with your assent, you can take back your consent any time because withdrawal of your consent will not affect the legality of any processing which we had led prior your departure, even it will not affect the led processing of your personal information also which have been accompanied on faith of legal processing grounds other than assent.

File a protest: you are authorised to file a complaint to supervisory authority if it is related to our collection and the processing of your data.